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Increased Profit Margins

Understanding your profit margin is important to the success of your business and overall operational efficiency. Look over all your expenditures and cut some fat. Utilize removable reusable insulation systems/covers/blankets in your business to lower your energy costs and reduce your labour expenses to realize potential cost savings. Replacing or re-insulating materials will no longer be necessary, for minor repairs, further increasing your profit margin.

Your equipment can continue to operate while the cover is removed for maintenance and repairs are done to your equipment. Focusing on continuous improvement in your business can ultimately lead to operational excellence and becoming a industry leader.

Energy Conservation

Studies have been conducted since the early 1970′s by many of the major Corporations to counteract the dramatic price changes caused by the oil embargos of that time. Currently with independent researchers we can continue to benefit from these discoveries as we continue to experience rising energy costs. “Cost Avoidance” is the new FORTUNE 500 buzz word. Similar to wasting heat in spaces that don’t require it, you should install removable reusable insulation systems/covers/blankets on your steam components and avoid paying for the cost to heat it!

Equipment that must maintain a specific temperature range to operate effectively can benefit from Industrial Covers made to order products. Example: a valve that is left uncovered can produce an energy loss amounting to hundreds and even thousands of dollars yearly. A valve, covered with a custom fit removable insulation cover, will save approximately 95% of potential heat loss. This in turn saves your company from potentially lost dollars. With increased energy costs, it seems the logical solution is to protect your investments and increase your energy savings. Keep heat in your heating systems where it

Green Solutions

Greenhouse gases absorb infrared light/radiation and trap this energy the atmosphere. When an excessive amount of heat is trapped global warming occurs. While not all molecules are able to absorb radiation, examples of molecules that are able follows: water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), sulfur hexafluoride (SF6), perfluorocarbons (PFCs) Therefore, removable reusable insulation systems/blankets/covers create a positive barrier by keeping the gases that are most prevalent contained in the piping and valves that carry these products, minimizing the amounts released to the atmosphere.

Maintenance Benefits

Removable reusable insulation systems/covers/blankets can be removed and reinstalled within minutes, without additional costs for material, labour or tools. You can have all the benefits of hard insulation without the difficulties of performing maintenance, inspections, and repairs. Our removable insulation is specifically designed to be removed and reapplied as easily as possible. Nearly all of our covers and blankets can be removed or put into place in 3 to 5 minutes. This makes it easier to identify and remedy equipment problems and inefficiencies, so you can maintain safe, cost-efficient operations.

Eliminate Rework

When pipes, equipment, and mechanical components need maintenance, hard insulation may need to be removed and reapplied. This process can cost thousands of dollars over the life span of your equipment. Removal of hard insulation is difficult, time-consuming, and expensive. Often, these difficulties associated with hard insulation are a deterrent altogether for regular maintenance and inspection, indirectly resulting in shortened lifespans of equipment and components. By contrast, our removable reusable insulation systems/covers/blankets can be removed and reinstalled (usually in 3 to 5 minutes), improving maintenance frequency and efficiency.

Custom Identification

This is achieved by Industrial Covers Bright Blue Tag that we label according to your specifications. During a turnaround, there may be several covers removed. The identification tags become a vital tool to ensure the removable reusable insulation systems/covers/blankets are reinstalled on the proper equipment. Itemized #’s are used to ensure Industrial Covers can be replaced with the exact same cover with the exact same dimensions.  Files are kept for each specific cover to assist the client in need of a duplicate cover.  A replacement can be easily manufactured.

**Tags are also available in standard 18 gauges. Stainless Steel.

Personal Protection

Removable reusable insulation systems/covers/blankets can save your company lost time from worker’ injuries and more importantly promote a safe work place for your workers. Some of the working spaces are very tight and workers easily lean up against, touch or must maneuver around extreme temperatures within the unit to complete their tasks. Removable reusable insulation systems/covers/blankets provide the necessary protection your workers need to complete their tasks to the best of their ability without rushing or missing steps in order to prevent injury.

Heat/Freeze Protection

Cold winter months are a Canadian reality! Your equipment will be insulated and protected with our removable reusable insulation systems/covers/blankets with fabrics that will withstand temperatures as low as -80°F (-62°C). Of course, you don’t have to wait until winter to require freeze protection. If you require your refrigeration/condensate/cryogenic equipment to maintain these cooler temperatures we will custom fit your equipment with covers to meet those specifications.

Noise Reduction

More than ever, we are experiencing noise disturbances in our work and personal lives. Diminishing privacy and noise pollution can affect peace of mind, increase tension levels, increase worker’ stress, interfere with communication between people, and jeopardize safety in the workplace. Acoustical Abatement/Noise Reduction can be achieved with all removable reusable insulation systems/covers/blankets because it acts as a barrier between the source and the outer surroundings, in your shop or out in the field.